While I consider myself to be tech-savvy, thank you notes are just one of those things that I always hand-write and make my kids do the same. And on the receiving end, there is something special nowadays when I receive a hand-written anything in the mail, which is why I’m digging a new iOS app and website-based service called lettrs.

Write letters with the lettrs iOS app at Cool Mom Tech

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lettrs is letter-sending 2.0. The iOS app (Android in development!) lets you “write” out letters using one of their many handwritten-styled themes. So okay, fine, you are not physically writing the letter out yourself, but the styling and effects makes it seem a lot more authentic than a quick email with Times New Roman font, size 11.

lettrs letter writing iOS app at Cool Mom Tech

While you can create this letter and send it digitally for free, the best part is that the company will send it via actual postal mail. You can send your letter anywhere in the world starting at $2 per letter depending on the paper you choose. I love that the $8 option is printed on high-quality scented parchment paper and literally sealed with a wax stamp. Talk about old-fashioned!

lettrs iOS app at Cool Mom Tech

lettrs is also available on the web where you can have fun doing the same things as with the app, and also, you can read letters from those who have chosen to make their public.

Yes, writing a letter will take more time than sending a quick email or text, but its lasting positive effect means so much more. I think it’s time to bring back the art of correspondence. Even if we are cheating just a teeny bit. –Jeana

lettrs is available for $2.99 on iTunes and also on the web.

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