I figured the big news about ATT’s free mobile charging station program would be taking place somewhere like San Francisco or Portland or Austin. But nope, NY mamas like me–and those who visit our fair northeastern hamlet–are in luck when their phone power is down to that ugly red “low” icon with nary a cord to be found.

ATT Street Charge Mobile Charging Stations NY | Cool Mom Tech

ATT Street Charge, in partnership with Goal Zero, is offering free solar mobile charging stations in 25 New York parks and outdoor spaces by the end of the summer, all around the 5 boroughs–even Staten Island gets some love.

It started with two units at the Pier at Brooklyn Bridge Park, one at Governor’s Island and one at Pier 1 at Riverside Park, and Union Square was just added today. The rest will be here by August, when it’s too hot to be hanging outside in the parks for long anyway. (Ha.)

The first thing I thought was whoa, this would have been so great during Hurricane Sandy when sustainable charging sources were desperately needed. And as it turns out, that was the inspiration. So huge kudos to AT&T for providing a great service for all New Yorkers and NYC visitors, not just their own customers.

Add this to the free WiFi they’re offering in some of the subway stations–it’s sure nice to be able to finish an email while waiting forever for the 2 train on a weekend– and that’s the kind of goodwill that just makes you want to sign up for AT&T. Liz

Learn more about Street Charge by following #attstreetcharge on Twitter or visiting the ATT website.