As you might have seen, just yesterday Facebook launched photo comments, now allowing people to respond to your posts and updates with a picture. If you’re wondering how to use this feature, or better, manage what could be a barrage of photos in your comment stream, here’s what you can do.

Facebook Photo Comments | Cool Mom Picks

If you haven’t tried the photo comment feature, it’s simple. Just click the little camera in the comment box, then upload a photo from your computer. You’re able to leave text with it as well, then edit (or delete) it after you’ve left it, as well as like it.

Facebook Photo Comments | Cool Mom Picks

Now, while you won’t be able to remove the ability for people to leave photos in your comments (argh!), you are able to control who can comment. So, do a quick check of your privacy settings to see who you’re allowing to comment if you think that will be an issue.

And know that you can easily delete anything that’s left in your comments that you don’t like. It does mean you’ll need to be more vigilant.

Right now, you can only upload photos in comments from the web and mobile site, but you can view them on your mobile Facebook app. However, it sounds like the ability to share a photo comment from the app is coming soon. Happy snapping. And sharing. -Kristen

What do you think of the new Facebook photo comments feature? Leave a non-photo comment below and tell us (heh).


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