With kids like mine who love listening to music, having an app like Shazam that helps me identify songs (to play back for them over and over again) is a huge benefit. And that technology alone still amazes me every time I use it. How cool that you that you can hold the phone up to the radio or TV and it will listen and tell you what song or show it is? And wow, we’re excited about what the app is up to now.

Shazam for iPad at Cool Mom Tech

The new and improved Shazam iPad app has my jaw dropping even further. It still identifies songs and TV shows in seconds, but the biggest new feature is something called Auto Tagging. By turning this on in the app’s settings, Shazam will automatically identify everything it hears around it without you having to manually tag something.

Whether there’s music playing on the radio or “The Voice” playing on TV, it will keep a running log of updated media in your carousel on the home screen. Perfect for when your kid says, “mom, what was that song a while ago that went like this?” and proceeds to hum something you’d never be able to guess on your own.

The update brings additional cool features like seeing what other Shazam users are tagging in other cities, what TV shows are the most popular and what music is being tagged the most frequently, so you can stay totally up to date on pop culture trends. (Uh, some of us moms need a little help in that department.)

Shazam for iPad at Cool Mom Tech

There are also certain shows that have partnered with Shazam like “American Idol” and “The Voice” that when tagged, offer exclusive content like behind-the-scenes information, cast details and episode previews.

In usual Shazam fashion, you can easily purchase any of this content immediately from iTunes or Amazon and/or share it on your social networks.

Geez, and I thought Shazam was cool before.Jeana

Shazam for iPad is available for free in iTunes.