Wake alarm app for iOS at Cool Mom Tech
Between my daughter making spontaneous bedside appearances at 1AM, getting up to use the bathroom and other random nightly occurrences, I’m lucky if I ever get a full night’s sleep. It’s no fun getting jolted by an alarm clock as it is, but if I had to use one, this new app would be it.

The new Wake app for iOS may make early morning wake-ups easier. And possibly fun. Yes, fun. Along with the cool design, I like the app’s simplicity and intuitiveness, like setting it, for example, which only requires spinning the dial and/or choosing from your already established wake-up times that you can simply pull-down from the top.

But when your alarm goes off, well, that’s where the fun begins, because depending on your sleep style, you can choose from several settings of how you want the alarm to respond.

For those who get up right away, you can swipe the alarm face to turn it off. If you like to snooze, you can literally slap the phone as if you would the top of your alarm clock and it will go into snooze mode – as many snoozes as needed or how many times your kids woke you up the night before – and then finally flip the phone over to turn it off.

Wake alarm app with touch snooze at Cool Mom Tech

Lastly, for very deep sleepers (you know, the ones who need to set the alarm and schedule a wake-up call), you can set the app to “Shake” where it will only turn off if you shake it like a drink mixer. Hilarious!

Wake for iOS with shake function at Cool Mom Tech

And you can customize the alarm sounds and create multiple alarms (up to eight) to make sure that waking up is easy. Well, easier, than before. Jeana

The Wake app is available for $0.99 from iTunes.

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