Anyone who knows me is well aware of my penchant for sniffing out a good bargain. I really don’t like to overspend–who does?–and am excited about a new website that will help me become an even better bargain shopper.

Nifti price tracking website at Cool Mom Tech

Nifti is a new shopping service that helps deal seekers like me keep track of when coveted items drop in price. Kind of the way Bing Travel does with airfares.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account, then instantly start browsing through the site’s wide array of predetermined “Collections.” Each is culled into categories (Home Goods, Tech, Women, Men, Kids, and so on) and represent picks from a huge list of retailers like Target, Pottery Barn, GAP, Crate&Barrel, DSW, Fab and many more.

Track prices online with Nifti | Cool Mom Tech

You can shop for items that way and add them to your “Track” list, or enter in the URL of a certain item you desire directly into the “Add Product” tab and track prices that way as well.

When you click on an item on Nifti, it shows you what the current price is and lets you input the price point at which you want to be notified. When it reaches that price, it’ll email you right away. I also like that it shows price history to give you a decent idea the likelihood of an upcoming sale.

Nifti price tracking website at Cool Mom Tech

If you want to avoid Nifti’s predetermined collections and shop outside of the site, you can also add a little Nifti button to your browser bar and click on it whenever you come across something you covet, the same way you might for Pinterest or Springpad. That item will then automatically be added to the items you’re tracking.

Of course, you can purchase the item directly and not wait for the price to move–and it might not, especially if you regularly shop at places like Overstock. But if you’re willing to be patient and don’t necessarily need or want an item right away, Nifti could be a great way to keep track of that cute dress, hardcover book or pair of sandals that’ll probably go on sale at the end of the summer anyway.

Sometimes a good bargain is well worth the wait. Jeana

For more information on Nifti, check out the website and test it out yourself