I love that geekery is spreading far and wide, out of the game room and into the rest of the house. Including the bathroom, with these unbelievable handmade soaps. Geeksoap is a combination of two very important things in a parent’s life: soap, and pop culture. It’s just that they’re not normally found together. But here, thanks to the mind–and-hands–of clever crafter Lesley Karpiuk they are.

You’ll find full size bars of binary number soap (the raised 0’s and 1’s are perfect for sudsy massages), plus goodie-bag-ready versions of a D+D die, Iron Man’s Arc Reactor, the Millenium Falcoln, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (my kids’ favorite), and lots of video game references.

I happen to love the old Atari style game cartridge soaps. But then, I’m old enough to remember them.


millenium falcoln soap from geek soap | cool mom tech

teenage mutant ninja turtles soap | cool mom tech

dungeons and dragons soap on a rope  | cool mom tech

nintendo soap by geeksoap | cool mom tech

iron man arc reactor soap | cool mom tech

game cartridge soap by geeksoap | cool mom tech

My kids are also going nuts for the Harry Potter Hogwarts Expresss Soap, headed to Platform 9 and 3/4 via your tub drain.

harry potter hogwarts express soap | cool mom tech

Of course it matters most what my kids think, since they’re the ones who need more incentive to actually use soap. But for my money, the crown jewel of the collection is the 4 Game of Thrones soaps, which she refers to as Game of Foams. They will be the best stocking stuff ever, unless you’re a Lannister and end up with a Stark shield.


game of thrones soaps at geeksoap | cool mom tech

The soaps are all-natural, vegan, and totally hilarious. And fortunately they have yummy scents llike Oatmeal, Milk + Honey–not Sweaty Adolescent Holed Up in Basement Gaming Room.

Find all kinds of clever video game soaps, computer soaps and more onlineat Geeksoap.

[via home geekonomics]