I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Sonos wireless music system–and do. Often. To everyone who comes to my house and says whoa, that’s amazing–what is that? The one thing I couldn’t say though is that Android users could reap all the benefits. Until today.

Previously, anyone at all could connect the Sonos components and stream music, even using computer desktop controls to control the system wirelessly. Personally though, I loved controlling it from my iPhone or iPad, so it’s great news that now Android devices control the Sonos system too to let you play any streaming music from any service or library at all.

You just need Android 2.1 (or 2.2 for podcasts) and the free Sonos software v 4.1.1 at Google Play–you don’t even have to update or change your system at all. Especially good news considering a sneak preview I’ve recently seen that introduces some exciting new Sonos system updates coming soon that even more music lovers will want.

Android app for Sonos | Cool Mom Tech

The sound is outstanding, the set-up couldn’t be easier, and now the controls mean you can lie in bed, grab your phone, and wireless play the perfect start-the-morning music. Right into your teenager’s room, should you choose. –Liz

Go to Google Play to download the free Sonos app for Android