We love the number of companies that give you a way to actually print out and display some of those digital Instagram photos. Snapbox is great for photo printing, InstaThis turns them into wooden artwork, the Mosaic app puts them easily into a photo album, and you can even make coasters with Coastermatic. But what do you do when you actually want to keep those little Instagram photos…little?

StickyGram Instagram photo magnets | cool mom tech

Turns out small magnets are the perfect medium for photos that aren’t always the best quality when they’re blown up bigger (ahem, I know from experience). And if you haven’t tried StickyGram, it’s a nifty service for that very thing. (Edited to add: Stickygram is now called “Sticky9”)

Just log onto the site–no app required–give it permission to access your photos, check off the ones you think would make a nifty set of 9 magnets, and you’re done. For just $14.99 they come in a cute little envelope, with each magnet 50 mm square, or about the size you see them on your phone.

StickyGram Instagram photo magnet | cool mom tech

You can’t order them individually since you’re limited to the grid of 9, but that’s hardly a problem. Just pick 9 cool abstracts that would look great in your desk area, 9 flowers, 9 sunsets or hey, do 9 photos of the family you can send to relatives for an inexpensive, fridge-ready gift.

Whether you’re partial to the bright, colorful lo-fi filter or something warmer like Earlybird, I found he quality is pretty darn great. Which is more than I can say for some of those pictures once you look at them large. –Liz

StickyGram Instagram Magnets ship via 1st class airmail from the UK and arrive in the US in about 1-2 weeks.

Edited to add: Stickygram is now called “Sticky9”