Turns out the brand new 2014 IKEA catalog isn’t just any old catalog. Not that it ever was of course, But now, it’s got an interactive tech component with a companion augmented reality app that’s pretty darn awesome. And yes, Android owners can have fun with it too.

The new IKEA catalog app for iPhone and iPad or for Android may be designed to get you into the store, but it may actually save you a second trip back there. Because this augmented reality app actually lets you see what that orange KARLSTAD loveseat or SANSAD children’s table will look like in your home.

Don’t like it? Switch it out for a different one.

IKEA catalog app 2014 | Cool Mom TechIKEA augmented reality catalog app | Cool Mom Tech
Basically, the sensors in your tablet or phone let you visualize your space, then you select the items from the catalog pages in the app (marked with a plus symbol) that you want to “place.” You scale them to fit, and there you go. Virtual redecoration.

Of course the one thing that would make it better is if all the items were available for shipping online. Alas, IKEA still saves everyone money in part because you have to pick most of the items up yourself.
<style=”text-align: center;”>IKEA interactive catalog 2014 | Cool Mom Tech
Even without the app, the catalog can be fun to browse online through the website. I’m loving the “discover more” videos on certain pages (above) which feature tips and design inspiration, or even a fun 60-second stop-motion video of toys in a kids’ room coming to life to put themselves away at the end of the day.

Oh, if only iKEA could come up with that technology next.

Visit the IKEA US catalog on their website, or download the augmented reality IKEA catalog app for iPhone and iPad or for Android

[h/t design-milk]