If like us, your kids have a ton of video game cartridges and discs because you haven’t entirely made the move to digital downloads, storing them can be tough. I don’t have a game room, and I don’t necessarily want to look at 4 media shelves or giant video towers filled with Wii games in my living room. So here are a few creative ideas to help you get those games organized. Provided the kids put them back every time, of course. –Liz 

apothecary cabinet for video game storage | cool mom tech


An old apothecary cabinet can be very cool game storage, on a media console or mounted to the wall. This one happens to be gorgeously handmade to order in your choice of colors, and fits up to 126 DVDs or 252 CDs. ($299.99, Red Rooster Bab)

disc mount CD and DVD system | cool mom tech

video game disc mounting system | cool mom tech

This affordable magnetic disc mount system is pretty nifty, mounting your top-used games safely to the wall. And none of it is permanent, so as you rotate in new favorites it’s easy to change ($7.95, Laboratory 424)


vintage suitcases on etsy for creative video game storage | cool mom tech

If your games are in your living room, and you’d rather it not look like the floor of Best Buy, consider something creative like a stack of vintage suitcases. Etsy is filled with them, and you can even divide gaming systems by color. (Shown, $30, Vintage that’s Mintage)

custom video game covers by james bit | cool mom tech

When you want to keep games accessible on a shelf but don’t love the look of them, I think these custom video game covers are so ridiculously clever. You’ll get 3 custom PDFs made to look like classic Penguin book covers, each made to fit your choice of gaming system or DVD case. Grand Theft Auto IV never looked so classy.($6/3 or $1.49/ea for larger orders, James Bit)



DIY nintendo ds charging station and game storage | cool mom tech

Bins are an obvious solution. But On Love Grows Wild, a pair of $1 bins plus a drill makes for really simple DIY NIntendo DS charger and game storage


wii game storage DIY by Infarrantly Creative | cool mom picks

One solution to kids who never put their Wii discs back in the cases: Get rid of the cases with this DIY Wii game storage solution at Infarrantly Creative. It’s definitely not for a novice DIY-er but you could recreate it with a clear hanging shoe rack too. 

IKEA Besta Burs TV cabinet

Obvioulsy a standard media console with built in cabinetry is conventional, but there are some nice ones that look less like “media consoles” and more like furniture. Deep pull-out drawers can be a huge help, especially for lots of cables and controllers which is what I love about my IKEA Besta-Burs console.