I have to love a product that is not only brilliant, but scores points for a super clever name, too. 

ChargeCard USB charger | Cool Mom Tech


The ChargeCard USB charger (get it?) is credit card size, so you can carry one right in your wallet. Which is so much more compact and convenient than whatever your Kindle or Android or iPhone came with. 

USB charger from Photojojo | Cool Mom Tech

It doesn’t plug directly into the outlet without the wall charger adapter, but as far as connecting your phone to your laptop or transfering info, it’s so smart.

It was tested on more than 45 devices so let’s just go ahead and say yes, it will work with your phone. Plus, I love that it’s made right in California and originally started as a Kickstarter campaign. Power to the power-using people! –Liz

Get the ChargeCard USB charger for Android, iPhone 4/4S, or iPhone5 online at Photojojo.