Every year we get excited to see what our friends at Think Geek are cooking up for Halloween. After all, geekery and Halloween go together like…well, like two things that go together so perfectly it’s ridiculous.

think geek nintendo halloween tee | cool mom tech


Nintendo fans will love this year’s Think Geek Halloween tee, a Nintendo 1up Mushroom illustrated in Day of the Dead Style. The best part: It glows in the dark. Which is tied with the other best part: it’s totally free. At least if you spend $30 at Think Geek.

You can only get one for free, though you can buy four of them for $9 each to hit your $30 minimum and get the fifth one free. Which is perfect if you happen to have four friends who also like to wear Halloween t-shirts and call them costumes. You know who you are. –Liz

Get the 2013 limited edition Think Geek Halloween tee while supplies last. They probably won’t last.