The emotions we feel as adults are so complex today, as they are each year on September 11. But as parents, we have the added burden of trying to explain it to our own children in an age-appropriate way, and to help them cope with it too.

So once again, we’re pleased to point you toward the BrainPOP and BrainPOP Junior September 11 Videos, because we’ve yet to find a better resource for explaining 9/11 to our children.

BrainPOP explaining 9/11 to kids | cool mom tech


The subject matter is tough of course, and it’s handled in a very frank way, so be sure to watch with your kids. In fact, you might want to watch it first just to be sure they’re ready for it.

Afterwards, you can click links for more info, conversation starters to keep the dialogue going, or an activity prompt that might be the most helpful for children: writing a letter to someone you consider a hero to share what you admire about them. 

BrainPOP helping kids with 9/11 | cool mom tech

Whether it’s a local emergency worker, a member of the military you’ve never met, or your grandmother, I think it’s a really smart way to empower kids to do something positive and constructive today. And to remember that no matter what, we still have so much to be grateful for.  –Liz

Wishing you all peace today. 

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