I absolutely adore my iPhone, which is why I want to feel the same way about my iPhone case. I really want adequate protection but it still has to look pretty and fit my style–that goes double for my tween daughter, who can be a little rough on her tech. And now I found one that does all of the above, while supporting an awesome cause too.

monogrammed and personalized iphone cases for teens | cool mom tech


The personalized iPhone case from Swanky Press includes an inner silicone bumper (it’s part of the case, so you can’t lose it) that functions as a shock absorber, above and beyond the protection of the polycarbonate Case-Mate outer layer which gives you some peace of mind if your daughter is out running, biking, or just generally being a kid.

The designs aren’t outrageous, but that’s just what I like about them. The bright colors and ability to personalize with a name or monogram are perfect for tweens and teens who insist on a cool case, but need one that will help keep their phone intact too.

There are even a few more subtle designs that you might like for yourself. 

And of course I think it’s awesome that Swanky Press (founded by a former environmental engineer–cool!) has partnered with Blood:Water Mission to donate a portion of each sale to fund clean drinking water sources for children in Africa. How nice for your kid to know that her case is helping more than her own phone. Julie

Choose from case designs for cases for iPod Touch, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy at Swanky Press

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