Even though it came out before my time, I still remember a few leftover princess phones at the homes of friends. They always seemed so…pretty. And this is at a time that pretty was not a word ever used to describe technology.

crosley princess phone | cool mom tech


I’m thrilled to see the princess phone reissued by CMP fave Crosley, who also made this dandy retro wall phone that we loved. Here, the pretty pink phone still plugs into a wall (gasp) but it does get a necessary modern update from rotary dial to push buttons–although still in a rotary shape. There’s even a redial feature, which alone would have made your grandmother go gaga in 1959. See how far we’ve come?

And yet, here we are again. Coveting a princess phone. Funny how that works. –Liz

Find the modern princess phone online at Crosley Radio