We all know STEM is a big deal in schools these days. The combination of science, technology, engineering and math is what kids are living on a daily basis, so a 10-year-old entrepreneur named Ethan Saadia wants to encourage even more kids to really get into computer science, with a start-up we’re excited to tell you about.

Yes, he really is 10, and he really did invent PCs for Me. Housed on a website he built himself, Ethan’s business revolves around selling the first build-your-own computer kits designed just for kids.

Ethan’s goal is to teach kids about the inner workings of the technology they use every day by letting them build actual computers with an actual Windows or Linux operating system.

How amazing is that?

There are 3 packages to choose from with customizable options like memory size, processor speed, and hard drive, plus accessories like a printer, mouse, keyboard, and WiFi adapter. Packages start at $389 (basic, 4 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, Intel Celeron), which is obviously a lot less than a basic desktop. But remember, this is before customizing and your kid has to build it, so there’s that to think about. On the other hand, whoa–your kid gets to build it!

It’s recommended for kids 8 and up, but I think even older kids will need your help. Building a computer isn’t easy, and even though Ethan says it’ll only take a few hours (!) to finish, I’d imagine that could be a bit optimistic.

But hey, kids will get a terrific lesson in building, creating, and computer science. They’ll have a functioning computer for creating graphics, animation, photo editing and more. And with any luck, they’ll now have the understanding that will lead them to take better care of the devices they fight over-I mean use–at home too. -Pilar

Learn more about PCs for Me on the PCs for Me website. There’s a preview for one of Ethan’s instructional videos too, which is a nice way to see what the kits are all about. Please note there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.