Every year I try to make a Halloween playlist for my own kids and for trick or treaters who visit our door, but this year, two of my favorite online music services, Spotify and Rdio, have done it for me. And the best part, they’re free!



If you’re a Spotify or Rdio user you’re in luck–otherwise, this is a good excuse to sign up for their free basic levels.

Should you be looking for super spooky music, perhaps for a grown-up party, you’ll want to follow the Music To Your Fears Spotify Playlist, which features music that instantly brings the heebie jeebies. Think the soundtrack to Jaws and Psycho. Yep, this is some seriously scary music.

On the much lighter side, Rdio has put together A Disney Halloween that’s got 20 familiar spooky Disney tunes that your kids (and everyone else’s kids) will love to hear as they go door-to-door.

If neither of these appeal, you can create your own Halloween playlists using either of these services that you can enjoy yourself or share with your Facebook friends.

Happy Halloween! Kristen

Join Spotify and Rdio to get access to their cool Halloween playlists.