This has been a great month for Google Doodles (maybe those free lattes are keeping everyone inspired?) and today’s Halloween Witch is a perfect example. 

halloween witch google doodle | cool mom tech

Skip the auto-search in your address bar for one day and instead hit directly, for a vaguely creepy animated witch. Add your choice of nasty ingredients to her potion, and you’ll unlock a series of silly little mini games that will probably be more fun for your kids than for you. Cut hanging spiders down from their threads, chase ghosts, or play whack-a-zombie-hand

You know, like whack-a-mole. Only undead.

halloween google doodle 2013 | cool mom tech

Either way, it’s a fun way to distract the kiddos for a few minutes while you steal that one full-size Reeses Cup out of their treat bags. 


Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone! -Team Cool Mom Picks