Did you ever think you could have as much fun playing with what’s on the back of your iPhone 5 as what’s on the screen?

Mood Ring iPhone Skin | Cool Mom Tech

The Mood Series iPhone Skin is like a mood ring…but for your iPhone 5. As we all know by now, it’s not actually predicting whether you–or Siri maybe?–are feeling happy or “passionate” but changes from black to color based on the temperature of your hands.

As with any phone skin, it’s not going to give your device major protection, but it should prevent scratches. And pre-adolescent phone pilferage. After all, if your kids pick up your phone when you’ve told them not to, now you can catch them red (or blue or green) handed. –Liz

Find the Mood Series iPhone Skin online from Slickwraps with free shipping on orers $40+.

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