I’ve seen quite a few iPhone wallet cases, some of which our readers have gone nuts for, but I’ve never rushed so quickly to  get my own phone in one as with this swanky find from Griffin.


The Beamhaus billfold for iPhone 5 from Griffin (man, we love them!) is the perfect twist on an iPhone wallet because it’s not actually a case; which means you can easily slide your phone in and out when you want to use it.

The camel leather is simply gorgeous, as is the suede 3-pocket interior, including a special insert to keep your phone screen protected which is key. Keep in mind, your iPhone will have to be caseless for it to fit, but I really love how I can just pop my phone, some cash, and a few cards for those times I don’t need to lug my entire bag.

Even though I’m digging it for myself, the billfold is definitely perfect for guys too, just in case you’ve got a few of them on your holiday shopping list I do.


If you like the look but are wanting an actual case, take a look around the shop for cool picks like this gorgeous two-tone Beamhaus leather Phone 5 case. Just be warned that if you’re buying it for someone else, wrap it immediately because you’ll be tempted to keep it for yourself. -Kristen

You can purchase the Beamhaus iPhone 5 billfold and other beautiful wallets and leather cases at Griffin.