Pinterest can be many things to many people–an online cookbook, a virtual closet, a life list repository, or a hodgepodge of cool crafts we uh, may never get around to. But one of the most popular ways to use Pinterest is as a shopping list, especially for holidays, birthdays, and party planning. And now all of that even easier and smarter, thanks to a cool new feature.

Pinterest price drop alerts | Cool Mom Tech

Pinterest price drop alerts first rolled out in August, but it’s been a slow process. So more of you may start to see them just now. Basically, when the price goes down on any of your pins that include price details, Pinterest will send you an email to alert you of the price drop.

It’s also not yet a customizable feature–you can opt-in or opt-out of receiving the notifications–and you can’t yet confine alerts to a particular board or set a price threshold for when you want to receive alerts. All of those would be great additions (along with better search functionality, ahem).

Even so, we think it’s a value add function for Pinterest, especially this time of year. Now get back to pinning, mamas. -Julie

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