If you have some serious LEGO appreciators in the house or you never got around to the perfectly posed group family photo for the annual holiday card, we have you covered. With the DIY LEGO minifigure family holiday ecard.

If you–and your kids of course–like the idea of creating a LEGO version of up to 13 members of your own family (cats and dogs and babies too), you’re in luck. Customize your minifigs by choosing a skin tone, facial expression, one of 83 hairstyles or headpieces, and some outrageous wardrobe choices.(Although looking at my own attempt, we’re not all that crazy; unless you think my purple fringed cowgirl duds are unusual.) Then, name them, so that your friends know who the heck the guy with the wooden leg is supposed to be.

It’s nice to see that everyone takes the shape of the classic minifigs – no curvy LEGO Friends bodies for the women. However prepare to look a little dumpling-like than you might normally.

Custom LEGO minifigure holiday ecard | Cool Mom Tech

Arrange your LEGO family against a backdrop, whether it’s the North Pole or the Caribbean,and you can even select a custom greeting from an appropriately politically correct spread of holidays and languages (Frohe Weihnachten, everyone!), then share your custom ecard instantly by downloading your image, using the url link, or posting directly through your Twitter account.

Bonus: Everyone is looking at the camera, and everyone is smiling. At least if you want them to.

Create your own custom LEGO minifigure holiday ecards at LEGO.