Has the audiophile in your life been very, very good this year? One more to add to our coolest audio gifts list: a beautiful, compact portable sound system and alarm clock that’s beautiful inside and out, thanks to sustainable wood and high quality stereo components that are built to last.

Bonus: it comes with a remote control… and a free tree.

The Vers 1.5R is basically a sexy little cube of gorgeous sound that will blow those cheap plastic doodads in the checkout line out of the water. The bamboo or walnut wood cabinet is sustainable, crafted by hand, and held together with screws instead of adhesives so that it won’t take up so much space in a landfill, one day (very far, hopefully) from now.

The stereo components include an energy efficient amplifier, a nice 15-watt full range speaker, great bass. Dock your iPhone or iPad for playing and charging, or use the old fashioned AM/FM digital tuner. And the remote control means you can keep the music going at a party–or hit snooze on the alarm without leaving your bed cave.

It’s pricey, but you know it’s going to last and look good doing it. And when you buy a Vers 1.5R radio, Vers plants a tree. Way better than that Garfield alarm clock I got one Christmas.

Find the Vers 1.5 R eco-friendly radio at the Vers website, where they offer two other gorgeous sound systems, earbuds, and iPhone cases.