Chestnuts roasting on an open… laptop? Yep, there’s now a techie alternative to the traditional yule log for those of us who can’t, for whatever reason, enjoy a real fire. It’s a Yule Log on your computer. And there are dozens choose from, all free, with no soot to sweep either.

Yule Log 2.0 reimagines the traditional holiday fire using short films by illustrators, designers, and clever coders. All you have to do is go to the Watchy Yule Log site, select your log, and either watch on a loop as long as you’d like, or cycle through all of them.

As you’ll see, there’s an amazingly wide range of logs, from more traditional fires to some that get a little freaky, including a fire made entirely of black-painted hands or one crafted of people in bathing suits dancing around. My little dude particularly likes the Yulecraft Minecraft Yule Log Video. Surprise.

Yulecraft Minecraft Yule Log Video | Cool Mom Tech

Since it’s free, just click around until you find the fire for you. I like the one with the dog asleep on the rug. And it hasn’t set fire to my curtains yet, which is a big step up from real flame.

Enjoy a crackling fire at Yule Log 2.0.

[via Swiss Miss]


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