I wasn’t able to attend last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the word on the street (and from Liz, who was reporting from the scenes) is that household tech and smart appliances are blowing up in a big way. From app-controled appliances of all kinds to voice-controlled grills, to a refrigerator with built-in speakers, the kitchen of the future is very Jetsons-esque. And yet Belkin isn’t waiting for the future at all.

In fact, they showcased some amazing appliances in its WeMo line that are going to make your kitchen a lot smarter in 2014.


WeMo-enabled Mr. Coffee coffee maker | Cool Mom Tech

Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker

Easily the WeMo smart appliance we’re most excited about is an automated, app-controlled coffee maker. (Waiting for the gasps of excitement.) Coming soon, you’ll be able to start your coffee brewing by programming it through your WeMo app, even getting alerts when it starts brewing and when your coffee is ready and waiting for you.  Just being able to automate that one daily necessity to get me going in the mornings will be as glorious as it sounds.


WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

There was a lot of talk about the WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker (at top) because this is the first WeMo appliance Belkin is making available in the spring (shown at top). So, you’re sitting at work and suddenly realize you forgot to turn the slow cooker on in the morning. Oh no, the pot roast!  Using the the app, you simply access the crock pot through your smartphone and dinner is on track. You can adjust the temperature, check the status of your dish, change cooking settings and receive reminders within the app. Granted, you still have to actually put food into the crock pot yourself. Oh, the toil.


WeMo-enabled heater and humidifier | Cool Mom Tech

WeMo Holmes Smart Console Heater and WeMo Holmes Smart Console Humidifier

Also on display from Belkin were a smart space heater and humidifier which probably have the broadest appeal of all. For someone who is always cold, I love the idea of being able to set the temperature of my room while downstairs to make sure it’s nice and toasty when I retire upstairs for the evening. It’s awesome from a necessity standpoint as well, like if you’re away on vacation when there’s a surprise temperature drop (or polar vortex). You could adjust the heat directly from the app to avoid your pipes–or cats–from freezing, even setting the heater so that it cycles on and off as needed.


We will definitely keep you posted when the WeMo smart appliance line becomes available. Especially that coffee maker.

The WeMo Crockpot will be available to consumers this coming Spring for $99. For more information on smart appliances in partnership with Jarden Corporation and Belkin, visit the Belkin CES website