We love Freddie Mercury, and we love a good chemistry pun, and we love science shirts for girls. So of course we just love this Freddie Mercury science shirt from Threadless because like the element, Freddie was shiny, fluid, poisonous and known for his role in heavy metal. And like his music, chemistry is…A Kind of Magic. Okay, I’ll stop. Maybe. (Don’t Stop Me Now!)

You can get this adorably geeky in-joke design as a poster or an iPhone case too, so there will be multiple ways you’ll be a Killer Queen and Somebody to Love.

Freddie Mercury Threadless iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech

I’m going to quit it now, before my editors put me Under Pressure for using too many song titles in one post. I don’t want that Hammer to Fall. Eh, that’s okay. Because Who Wants to Live Forever? (Please don’t kill me. I like Freddie Mercury.)

Find the Freddie Mercury tee, iPhone case for 4/5/5S and more at Threadless.