While I am far from a germaphobe (my babies’ pacifiers were rather cozy with my pant legs) I do recognize that gadget cleaning should make it onto the to-do list, especially considering phones are pretty much the germiest things in the world. I have never forgotten a news segment that demonstrated there was more nasty stuff on a phone handset than a bathroom door handle.

So. Cleaning your phone from time to time–not such a bad idea. Especially if your kids play around with it.

The small company behind the NueVue Gadget Cleaning Cases for iPhone and iPad had the same thought, so they invented a clever series of gadget cases lined with a screen-cleaning microfiber with an antimicrobial coating. You just squeeze the case a bit as you slide your phone or tablet out of to answer it, and voila–wiped clean.

As for the outside, not bad. There are lots of color choices, and I think the leather is the nicest looking though there are canvas and twill versions coming out too.

NueVue Gadget Cleaning Cases for iPhone and iPad | Cool Mom Tech


I tried it out at the CES show and I could see the difference right away in terms of fingerprints. (Mine was pretty nasty, so it did take two swipes.) They claim the antimicrobial benefits will last about 12-18 months, although hopefully after that it will still take care of the fingerprints. Still, it’s a time-saver, and a smart alternative to spraying your phone with anti-bacterial stuff that ends up hurting us all in the long run.

Updated: NueVue Gadget Cleaning Cases for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini are now available via their site.