Did everyone’s aunt have a Polaroid camera? Because that was the coolest thing I had ever seen sometime around 1978. The idea of seeing, capturing, and instantly sharing imagery certainly didn’t start with Instagram — Polaroid was the first to do that in 1948. So, it’s nice to see the Polamatic app for iOS and Android as an addition to the mobile photography landscape.

It doesn’t have the social network of Instagram and it’s not for the hardcore mobile photographers using tools like Hipstamatic or Camera + but it does give you a nice nostalgic feel for your mobile pics and is super easy to use, sort of like the original. When you take the photo, it “slides” down your screen just like an old Polaroid with the requisite sound effects. From there, you can choose from 36 classic borders and 36 effects including that wonderful Polaroid flare. You can also easily add text to your photo as you are editing.

The photos are easily shareable to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Just know the Instagram sharing feature is not native, but Polamatic will send your photo over to the the app for you to share it there.

If you are into the nostalgia of a hipster-certified Polaroid picture, or just feel like shaking it like one, this app is a nice addition to the ever-growing arsenal of mobile photography tools on our phones.

Want to get in on the nostalgia? Download the Polamatic App for $0.99 — it’s available for both Android and iOS