One constant among all my kids is that they loved being swaddled as babies. Though I never considered at the time that there would be such a thing as a QR code swaddle blanket to help me out with this blanket-wrapping art form. With a new kind of tech-enabled blanket from Swaddle Designs though, swaddling instructions and lots of other baby reminders are now just a QR code scan away.


Swaddle Designs blankets are some of our favorites, and now they’ve created the first smart swaddler, by adding a QR code to every label that unlocks helpful information for new parents. Using any QR code reader app on your smartphone, you can quickly access swaddling instructions, white noise options, baby care clips and even short videos from famed pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp of the Happiest Baby on the Block fame. (Who is also a super hero to many, many of us here at Cool Mom Tech.)


SwaddleDesigns QR code swaddle blankets | Cool Mom Tech

The real question is: Will anyone be interested in this?  I’m not sure  how realistic it is that a frazzled mom with a screaming baby would grab her phone, try to grab a photo of a QR code, and unlock information she needs at that very second. And wait, do people even use QR codes anymore?

I’m all for baby advice, especially when it comes from Dr. Karp whose techniques I have used over the years. And I really appreciate the acknowledgement from the company that moms are online and incredibly tech savvy. Still, when it comes to accessing to this great content, the QR code method may not be the most sensible. We’ll be interested to see how successful this turns out to be.

Luckily, you can still get most of the videos, advice from Dr. Karp, and tips online via the SwaddleClub website when you register for free. When you’ve finally mastered the swaddle, calmed baby down and have a quiet moment, it seems a lot easier to read what you need on your computer instead of from under your sleeping baby.

Check out the SwaddleDesigns website for more information on QR code swaddle blankets and join SwaddleClub for free.