So cool geeky jewelry can be a little hard to find. Personally, I’ll pass on the gihugic QR code necklace. But then I stumbled upon Saffron and Saege on Etsy and well, I can’t just pick one favorite. The best part is that with these affordable prices, I might not have to.

I am really digging the adorable laser cut wood camera and film stud earrings which are perfect for your favorite shutterbug (yourself, perhaps?). Plus, I love that they’re mismatched, which just seems to make them geekier.

cool geeky jewelry: 8-bit Space Invaders necklace | cool mom tech

I especially like how dainty the 8-bit Space Invaders necklace is (uh, I mean “generic 8-bit monster necklace”) and I’m pretty sure  it will have people doing a double take. In a good way. Ahem kids? A few of us mothers would actually like something like this for Mother’s Day, hold the sappy hearts.

Cool Geeky Jewelry: Hashtag Necklace | Cool Mom Tech

If you’re obsessed with hashtags like me, this hashtag necklace is a great gift. Maybe two of them, given how much I like using them. Or hey, 347 of them if you’re the average Instagram user.

Head over to Saffron and Saege for all sorts of cool geeky necklaces (and lots more affordable jewelry).