Do you know what a baby seal is called? My kids can tell you it’s a pup, because they’ve been having a blast playing with the new Hello Baby Animals, created by Carolyn Merriman of Shortstack apps. Carolyn has a background in early education, and her apps (including Splish Splash Inn) are favorites among preschoolers because they teach in a way that is both fun and interactive. And by the way, the art by Divya Srinivasan is adorable.

Each slide in this app teaches the name of the baby animal, and nearly every element on the page is interactive. Kids can have fun toggling the fawn’s window from daytime to nighttime, making the train move, or switching out the wigs on the piglet. And I love hearing the giggles from my kids when father pig reacts to the rainbow wig. So fun.

Hello Baby Animals fawn | Cool Mom Tech

Hello Baby Animals kit | Cool Mom Tech

Hello Baby Animals piglet | Cool Mom Tech

There are ten animals featured in the paid Hello Baby Animals app although there’s a shorter, free version with just four animals if you want to try it out first. If you just listen to the narration, the app is short—about a minute and a half or so. But the interactive element is pretty irresistible. Let’s just say it keeps my kids entertained long enough for me to cook dinner, which I’m all about.

Have fun with Hello Baby Animals for $2.99 at the iTunes store.  Right now, it’s only available for iOS; fingers-crossed for Android. 

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