As familiar as I am with Internet ads, it’s easy for me to forget that my kids do not, which is especially important now that my two oldest children are using the computer on a daily basis. Not matter how tech-savvy your kids are, this awesome kid’s guide to how Internet ads work video is timely. It’s only about 2:40 and it’s really entertaining, with references to funny cat videos, and wry lines like “despite their faults, grownups can help you understand what you see.” But more so, it’s really full of good info, if presented in a fast-moving way.

It’s a good way to start a discussion with your kids.  And truth be told, if you’re a parent, it’s worth watching it with them so you can brush up yourself.

Keep in mind it’s British, so your kids may ask you what an “advert” is.  Despite your faults, you should be able to help them out with that one.

Check out the Lid’s Guide to how Internet Ads Work video on Vimeo, from the Internet Advertising Bureau. Find more info via the non-profit British media literacy organization, 

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[h/t swiss miss]

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