If you’ve ever had a window air conditioning unit (raising my hand, along with probably everyone else who’s ever lived in New York), you know what a dilemma they pose: Is that gihugic electric bill worth being cool and comfortable, or should I suck it up and sweat it out? But a new smart air conditioner design collaboration between GE and Quirky may be the win-win answer to that question.

Not only is the new Aros window A/C unit capable of cooling up to 350 square feet, it’s pretty too. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a window air conditioner, but it’s true.


Aros smart air conditioner by Quirky + GE  | Cool Mom Tech

Aros’ looks aren’t even its best feature. Use the companion¬†Wink app¬†for iOS to link Aros to your WiFi, and then control your smart air conditioner remotely. Wink will also let you know how your energy consumption stacks up over the month, which can help you keep your electric bill in check. Plus, along with other smart appliances like the¬†Nest thermostat, it learns your schedule and adjusts itself accordingly.

Of course, none of this good news has been tested out by consumers yet, but we’re hopeful. Because window A/C units could definitely use a makeover, inside and out.

Spring is here! Time to think A/C. Pre-order the Aros smart air conditioner for $300 from our affiliate Amazon, expected to ship in early May.

[via gizmodo] 

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