I’ll admit that I’ve grown quite attached to my phone and all that I can do with it, but thanks to the UNICEF Tap Project, my phone can do some real good while I’m otherwise occupied (or waiting for new Candy Crush lives).

Through March 31, UNICEF Tap Project sponsor Giorgio Armani will provide one day of clean water to a child in need, literally saving lives, for every ten minutes you go without using your cell phone. Which isn’t to say you need to turn your cell phone off for the month. In fact it’s super easy: Just go to the Tap Project site on your smartphone, hit begin, put your phone down, and leave it alone. If you pick up your phone, the app will give you the option to put it back down and continue (with a ten second grace period), or you can hit finish to see and if you want, share your results via Twitter or Facebook to help spread the word.



While we’re huge advocates of using our voices to raise awareness, rather than going silent in support of a cause, we think it’s really cool that the UNICEF Tap Project does both. In fact, we think more tweens and teens ought to participate: Fewer selfies, more clean water.

Get all the details on the UNICEF Tap Project on the UNICEF website. Download Unicef Tap Project app for Android at Google Play, or for iPhone at the App Store. Armani will donate up to $75,000 by the end of March.

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