While Mother’s Day gifts tend to focus on traditional views of motherhood, all the geek chic jewelry we find proves we’ve definitely gone from Oh mom…can’t you get the VCR to stop blinking 12:00? to moms who blog, code, develop, dominate social media, and maybe even run little companies like oh, Yahoo. If you’ve got a mom in your life who would love a techy but still sentimental gift, we might have found the perfect balance in this Circuit Board Heart Necklace at Etsy’s  Techcycled.

Each one is made from an upcycled red circuit board and I love that it comes on a beautiful chain that isn’t an afterthought. And I am smiling the shop’s description that every piece is designed by an artistic engineer and a fashionista scientist. Like your mom, what’s not to love?

Find this Circuit Board Heart Necklace and other upcycled tech jewelry for Mother’s Day and beyond at Techcycled.