No matter how many cool new educational apps and videos we find for kids (and there are tons we love), Sesame Street will forever be one of our favorites. So we’re thrilled to hear about their new Sesame GO video on demand service that launched this week, available on your computer or any mobile device at all.

Sesame GO is a subscription service on a kid-friendly platform–easy to navigate and no ads, yay!–and it offers the latest episodes of Sesame Street, Pinky Dinky Doo (for older siblings who might have outgrown Elmo), plus many of the classic episodes. I’m hoping that means Mr. Hooper makes an appearance.

You can grab a two-week free trial to check it out, though you do have to enter a credit card number to get started. Also be aware that you can only watch on one device at a time. That said, a subscription is pretty reasonable at just $3.99 a month, with discounts for a full year. Not bad for all the Big Bird your kids can watch, and way less than renting a single movie on iTunes  that your kids will get to see once.

Get all the details for Sesame GO video on demand subscription service on their website


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