For those of us who survived the Winter of 2013/14, the words “no school today” may give us the shakes, but I think those shakes will turn to dance moves when you hear the rocking song No School Today off of They Might Be Giants’ Danny Weinkauf’s first solo family-music album. Especially when you can download it for free.

You may not recognize Danny Weinkauf’s name but this Grammy-winning composer has written for tons of TV shows, commercials–plus he’s a bassist and songwriter for the much-loved TMBG whose kids’ albums are among my family’s very favorites. In fact, if you’ve ever sung along to I am a Paleontologist, from TMBG’s Here Comes Science, or the wonderful Where Do They Make Balloons from No!, you’ve been singing to Weinkauf originals.

No School Today music video | Cool Mom Tech

His first single, No School Today, is as smart, funny, and musically awesome as you might expect from someone with such credentials. I love the story about a child who puts on a good act to get out of school, until he realizes that maybe he isn’t quite as sick as he thought he was. And don’t miss the No School Today music video, created by a talented high school student, which features a bunch of lovable sock puppets who bop happily around to this upbeat tune.

This week’s kids’ music download, No School Today off of Danny Weinkauf’s first solo kids’ album, will be available for download on our affiliate Amazon on April 29. But you can grab the single for No School Today for free, if you type in your email address at this link. Please note that the free download may be available for a limited time only.

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