I used to think that stylish laptop bags were just an urban myth until I discovered Knomo, whose gorgeous totes are a staple in my spring wardrobe. (Yep, that’s my own on our Instagram feed). Well, I just spotted their new collection and let’s just say, if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s got a tax refund coming back to you (Happy Tax Day?), this could be the perfect way to spend it. And maybe a deduction too, if you use it for work? Ask your accountant about that one.

I truly love the sleek design and rich orange color of the Cavendish Leather Laptop tote (though the taupe tote is great too), but what really seals the deal for me is the removable quilted sleeve that keeps your 14-inch laptop safe and sound. It’s got plenty of pockets for your chargers and smartphone, as well as a big zippered pouch that can fit a large tablet should you be packing multiple gadgets on the go.



Knomo cavendish leather laptop tote | Cool Mom Tech

Along with the special ID tag in each which allows Knomo to track any lost bag (and hopefully return it to you), I love that they all come with a two-year guarantee. As someone who’s pretty tough on her bags, that’s an extra special feature that you just don’t see that often these days.

You can purchase the Cavendish leather laptop tote and other stylish laptop bags at Knomo

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