Whether your kids are used to you spinning vinyl or are more likely to ask, what’s a record?, we have a new kids’ music download from the funky-fresh duo, the Sugar Free Allstars, that may have them asking you to dust off your old albums and play DJ for the day.

My Daddy’s Record Collection, with the unmistakable sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ leading the way, is a grooving tune by Chris “Boom!” Wiser and Rob “Dr Rock” Martin. As we’ve heard on their previous releases Funky Fresh and Sugar Free and All On a Sunday Afternoon, this pair knows a thing or two about cool retro sounds that will get the kids on their feet. Just remind them that back in the day, we couldn’t jump so much, or we’d skip the record. Progress?

Download Sugar Free Allstars’ My Daddy’s Record Collection at iTunes. And if you really want to go old school, you can purchase a copy of the :45 of the song, with Banana Pudding on the B-side. 

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