Not every guy wants a slick, board room-ready, fancy European looking iPad case. I know quite a few who would appreciate something a little more rugged. More defiant. More ironically low-tech. For him, consider the Upcycled Mail Sack iPad Case for Father’s Day. When I saw it at Uncommon Goods I thought, now that’s the kind of case that says “yeah,  I’ve got every episode of Bear Grylls on DVR. Got a problem with that?”

Each one is one-of-kind, and obviously eco-friendly; even the ultrasuede comes from remnant scraps. And the case is designed to be super rugged and durable, with an inner lining to protect the iPad or Kindle Fire hanging out inside. Because as tough as our favorite tough guys are, their tablets? Need a little extra TLC. Even if they won’t ever admit that they need it.

Find the Upcycled Mail Sack iPad Case at Uncommon Goods in time for Father’s Day