Have you been hit with the jump-action shot photo craze? It’s that thing where you or a group of people jump into the air and someone tries to capture the this is the good life, split-second moment with everyone virtually gravity-free. Yeah, it’s not easy to time that out. Which is why there’s Vhoto, a brand new iOS app that will help make the process a breeze. And free.

Here’s how it works: Record a short video through the Vhoto app or import one from your library. Vhoto will scan the video to find the best photo frames for you, which you may then edit (hello, filters) and save to your camera roll as polished stills. The social sharing component is definitely in effect, too, with connections to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Vhoto app | Cool Mom Tech

No need to pose or stay frozen with a stiff smile, you just act natural in the video and let Vhoto do the rest. While the app scans your video — which happens super-fast, by the way — these funny messages pop up at the bottom of your screen:  Are you a model? Searching for smiles. Dance with me.#yolo. 

It’s a neat little app for parents, especially for those of us with kids who won’t stay still anyway

The only hiccup for me was that I found all photos from my test videos were slightly blurry, a word that doesn’t typically come up when talking about iPhone pics. I was expecting crisper images from this app, though of course, a video frame will only be as clear as the subject in it. But overall, it’s easy to use, quick and fun. I’m basically ready to follow the most excellent words of Mr. David Lee Roth and go ahead and jump.

The Vhoto app is available for free download on iTunes. It’s optimized for iPhone 5 and compatible with all iDevices with iOS 7.1 or later.