The¬†extensive selection on Netflix¬†is both a blessing and a curse–so many titles¬†I’ve never heard of, but that also means I have no idea if they’ll be right for my family or even something I’m in the mood for. Enter, A Better Queue. Considering how much we use Netflix, I’m so glad that this website eliminates the¬†pain it is to search for shows..

The simplicity of this site is brilliant. Life changing? Possibly. What the site has done, is¬†taken¬†Rotten Tomatoes–one of my favorite sites for thumbs-up/thumbs-down on movies because of their mix of critic and fan opinions–and married it to my Netflix feed. So, on the left you have¬†your slide filters and genre category check boxes. My favorite filter, the Tomatometer, allows you to¬†set the lowest possible Rotten Tomatoes rating you’re willing to consider. Then filter by movie year, genre, and number of reviews to¬†get an expertly curated list of movies to consider for viewing. Like I said, brilliant.¬†(Note that these work far better on a¬†laptop than on an¬†iPad; I had trouble sliding the bar because the page kept sliding instead.)

For example. I can type in movies between 1995 and today, with at least 10 reviews, that score an 86 or higher, and fall into either anime, children + family movies, kids music, and movies for kids 8 to 10. Here’s¬†the kinds of results I get:

A Better Queue makes searching for Netflix films a snap |

Nice alternatives to Equestria Girls for the thirtieth time, right? And these are ones I wouldn’t mind seeing either.

What I like best¬†is that when you click on the movie thumbnail¬†it takes you straight to the film on on Netflix. Of course that makes it most easy if you’re about to watch on your device and not your TV; ¬†otherwise you do have to go to Netflix and search the title. But compared with the existing set of filters on Netflix, as in, none, could this be any easier? I don’t think so.

Psst, Netflix…you need to buy these guys and incorporate it into your¬†actual nav. You heard it here first.

Before you browse Netflix again, please, please check out A Better Queue. You’ll be so happy you did.

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