The extensive selection on Netflix is both a blessing and a curse–so many titles I’ve never heard of, but that also means I have no idea if they’ll be right for my family or even something I’m in the mood for. Enter, A Better Queue. Considering how much we use Netflix, I’m so glad that this website eliminates the pain it is to search for shows..

The simplicity of this site is brilliant. Life changing? Possibly. What the site has done, is taken Rotten Tomatoes–one of my favorite sites for thumbs-up/thumbs-down on movies because of their mix of critic and fan opinions–and married it to my Netflix feed. So, on the left you have your slide filters and genre category check boxes. My favorite filter, the Tomatometer, allows you to set the lowest possible Rotten Tomatoes rating you’re willing to consider. Then filter by movie year, genre, and number of reviews to get an expertly curated list of movies to consider for viewing. Like I said, brilliant. (Note that these work far better on a laptop than on an iPad; I had trouble sliding the bar because the page kept sliding instead.)

For example. I can type in movies between 1995 and today, with at least 10 reviews, that score an 86 or higher, and fall into either anime, children + family movies, kids music, and movies for kids 8 to 10. Here’s the kinds of results I get:

A Better Queue makes searching for Netflix films a snap |

Nice alternatives to Equestria Girls for the thirtieth time, right? And these are ones I wouldn’t mind seeing either.

What I like best is that when you click on the movie thumbnail it takes you straight to the film on on Netflix. Of course that makes it most easy if you’re about to watch on your device and not your TV;  otherwise you do have to go to Netflix and search the title. But compared with the existing set of filters on Netflix, as in, none, could this be any easier? I don’t think so.

Psst, Netflix…you need to buy these guys and incorporate it into your actual nav. You heard it here first.

Before you browse Netflix again, please, please check out A Better Queue. You’ll be so happy you did.