And the award for best use of half a used plastic toy goes to…the dinosaur iPhone stand! Not that there was a ton of competition, mind you, but how can you not totally love these upcycled toys-turned-gadget stands?

From the look of it, the premise is pretty simple: Rescue plastic toy dinosaur from possible extinction, decapitate said toy dinosaur, paint and seal, attach suction cup. The tail turns it into the perfect tripod style stand to suit an Android phone, iPod, Blackberry, you name it. (Though I wouldn’t be so sure that even the mighty T-Rex could support a full sized tablet.)

I’d love to wake up with one of those on my nightstand each morning. Or maybe it’s better suited towards your workspace where a little intimidation can come in handy. Or, you know, however intimidating a T-Rex’s posterior might be.


iPhone stand from an upcycled dinosaur toy |

I haven’t seen one in person but for just $15 a pop, it’s hard to resist; so much so, the artist sells a ton of them in her Etsy shop and the reviews are quite nice. She’ll even paint one in a color just for you. Breathe easy, friends — at last, your lifelong search for that elusive triceratops phone dock in just the perfect shade of aqua is over.

Find a selection of dinosaur iPhone stands and other prehistoric curiosities at the BloominHappy1 Etsy shop.