I am always impressed, a little fascinated, and sometimes scared by some of the DIY tech projects that we are increasingly seeing around the web. Identifying your phone charger with washi tape? Good! Turning a used remote control into a baby teether? Not so much. So I was definitely intrigued when I came across this video on Martha  Stewart’s website for DIY fabric iPhone covers. Their associate crafts editor Erin Furey takes you through what seems to be a not entirely impossible way to customize your own cases with pretty gorgeous results. Mostly what you need is a blank iPhone case, fabric of your choice, the printable template, and some decoupage glue.

For me the trick would be to be waiting for the glue to dry – thoroughly – no matter how eager I am to see if it fits my phone. Also, that whole innate crafting ability thing. Minor detail.

DIY fabric iPhone case: step by step instructional video on Martha Stewart

If it works out for you, let us know. I think this could be a really cool, affordable DIY gift when you’ve got a whole lot of people to shop for. Especially if you start adding monograms or customizing with personal touches. Like forget flowers – I’d totally find Delilah some cool Dr. Who Fabric while Kristen would get something with Ryan Gosling on it. They do make patterns like that, right?

Watch the  DIY fabric iPhone covers video tutorial online at Martha Stewart