My iPhone and iPad chargers seem to disappear into the same oblivion as loose socks. Between my kids moving them and my husband borrowing them (and then losing them on business trips), I can never keep track of my own. So I love the hilarious Whooz charger stickers, which tell everyone that what’s mine remains mine all with a big wink.

We discovered Whooz last year when there were just a few options, and I love all the new characters they have added to their quirky lineup. They’ve gone beyond people and expanded their sets to domesticated animal stickers, a set called Freaks, and my personal favorite, Heroes, with names like Hi Yah and Rarghh.

(Hopefully you don’t have children with such names or that could be confusing.)

There are also iPad charger sticker sets with characters named Isaac and Britney, who might look a little familiar. And if you’re into the basics, there are some sophisticated solid color charger stickers for iPhone.

Whooz iPhone charger stickers | Cool Mom Tech

Hilarious Whooz stickers for iOS chargers | Cool Mom Tech\iPhone charger sticker sets from Whoozizit

Whooz iPad charger stickers in "Britney"

Whooz solid stickers to identify iPhone chargers and earbuds

One set comes with stickers of four different characters or colors for your charger, and even includes tiny little stickers for your earbuds and USB cords–for those of you with super dexterous hands who are really determined to keep your tech where it belongs.

Whooz charger stickers are available for iPhone/iPod and iPad for $12.95 a set at (get it?)