I was just turned onto this Cult of Mac article about Questions You Can Ask Siri to get Hilarious Answers and it still holds up today.  From Can you make me a Sandwich? to Open the pod bay doors, check out the list and have a lot of fun. My favorite on the list is Who’s on First? And if you don’t know what I’m referring to, you need to devote a little of those carefully allotted time-wasting minutes looking up classic comedy sketches on your browser.

One of the best answers is when you tell her to”talk dirty to  me and Siri responds with a list including compost, gravel and silt. Try it a second time and she will tell you the carpet needs vacuuming. The third time gets even funnier.

Sorry men, she still doesn’t sound like Scarlett Johansson. Though you can ask, Are you Her?  She finds it flattering.


Funny things you can ask Siri | coolmomtech.com

For fun with your kids around, ask Siri if Santa is real. Don’t worry, she won’t blow anyone’s cover.

Check out the full list of Funny questions You Can Ask Siri on Cult of Mac or more ideas from Mac World UK and kill a few minutes this weekend.

[thanks jonl!]