Maybe it’s the start of the holiday toy pitches that are starting to pop into my inbox, or maybe it’s just nostalgia for the toys of my own childhood for no good reason, but I’ve been entranced with the retro toy iPhone cases I’ve been seeing around Soceity 6 from various photographers and artists. They’re also for Galaxy phones, Android-loving friends.

Of course none of them really help your case if you’re constantly yelling at your kids, My phone is not a toy! But for your own use, any of these cases have a sweet irony from a kinder, gentler time that we were happy playing with things that we could only pretend would light up.


Vintage car toy iPhone case
Toy Cars phone case by Cassia Beck


Vintage Raggedy Ann iPhone case
Vintage Raggedy Ann doll phone case by Angeldaley


1983 Nintendo  iPhone cases
1983 Nintendo phone case  by Marius Volden

Retro Fisher-Price Farm toy iPhone case
Retro Fisher-Price Farm Toy phone case by Timothy J Reynolds

Vintage Pinocchio toy iPhone and Galaxy case
Vintage Pinocchio toy phone case  by Christina Ortiz photo

Retro double decker bus toy iPhone case on Society 6
Vintage Toy Double Decker Bus phone case by Mandy Faith

10 cool retro toy iPhone cases: Vintage Fisher-Price phone
Retro Fisher-Price Phone phone case by Stanley Studio

Original Nintendo Gameboy  iPhone case
Original Nintendo Gameboy phone case by Brownjames Prints

Vintage troll doll iPhone case
Original vintage Troll Doll phone case by TyceJones

Vintage Barbie iPhone case by Gigglebox
Vintage Barbie iPhone case by Gigglebox

All these cases are available for iPhone 6 and earlier, iPod Touch, and Galaxy at Society 6 for $35. For more cool iPhone cases visit our archives!