If you’re looking for a super cool geek gift, well, we tend to have plenty around here. And now I’ve found one more, with the incredibly creative vintage patent art from RetroFoto on Etsy. The vintage camera patent drawings are just such an awesome thing for your favorite photographer, whether it’s a turn-of-the-century camera, a 1933 movie projector, or a 19th century tripod design.

You can order each one in a choice of backgrounds, whether you prefer the black chalkboard look, a creamy vintage page, or a cobalt architectural blueprint.

The rest of the shop is pretty wonderful too, including vintage patent drawings of toys like LEGO bricks, Minifigs, the Slinky, and a “whirligig” you might better recognize as a modern day yo-yo. How cool for a nursery or playroom. Or for a little irony, grab the vintage Speaking Telephone patent drawing from one A.G. Bell, and hang it right over the nightstand where a “speaking telephone” once might have been.


1888 camera vintage patent drawing art

Vintage patent drawing of 1930s movie camera

Vintage LEGO brick patent drawing artwork

Vintage LEGO man patent drawing from RetroFoto

Original Slinky toy vintage patent art at RetroFoto


There are so many cool things to look at (who knew there was a patent on a beer mug submitted in 1876?) that I imagine just browsing the shop will give you ideas for that one impossible-to-shop-for person. Maybe even yourself.

Visit RetroFoto for vintage camera patent drawings and more. 

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