I can keep amazing amounts of information in my poor, overtaxed brain, including practice schedules, appointment times, my wedding anniversary and my own kids’ birthdays. But for anything beyond that, I need help. Fortunately EverMinder reminder website is here to make sure that none of us ever forget another important date.

EverMinder is a cute, simple, and free reminder website where you can enter names, sort those names into groups, and assign your own group names like Marsh Family or Stonegate Book Club. Or My Baes, if you are in middle school. Then fill in all the pertinent dates: recurring dates like birthdays and anniversaries, plus upcoming special events that you want to be sure to acknowledge, like graduations or promotions. EverMinder will send you an email (or multiple emails, depending on how many reminders you opt in to receive) prior to each big day. And thanks to their partnerships with JibJab, iTunes, FTD and Amazon, you can even send gifts right from that reminder email.

While EverMinder is geared primarily toward birthdays and anniversaries, I could also see using it for sports teams, book clubs, and other informal groups that need to coordinate schedules. Though I wish the reminders could be sent via text too, since not everyone is glued to their email as frequently as I am.

Even so, I think EverMinder is a great alternative to relying on Facebook for birthday reminders or cluttering up my already overstuffed calendar app. It’s smart, simple, and focused on doing one thing really well — making sure we never miss anyone’s big day.

Check out EverMinder reminder website on the web — it’s free! And find more organizational tips in our archives.